About Us

About Parigi Property

At Parigi Property Management, Ltd. we believe we have the necessary skills and experience to assist those in search of a rental home or place of business.  It is our mission to make the residential and commercial renting and buying process as enjoyable and seamless as possible so you can relax and enjoy your new home or business.

Parigi Investments, Inc. was founded in 1982 by Sam C. Parigi, Jr. and has operated as a commercial and residential real estate development and property management company.  We have grown over the years from having one secretary and one maintenance man to where we are today, employing over twenty full-time employees.  We manage 12 apartment complexes, 7 townhome communities, as well as many residential homes, office buildings, shopping centers and warehouses in and around Southeast Texas.

Our years of experience, education, and knowledge of the desires and needs of property owners and residents, has made us one of the premier commercial and residential property managers in our area.  Sam C. Parigi, Jr. and his wife, Lisa, own 100{c519e329b17ebfca0b6ac6c6fa69b92674d7d7c160aebbf4310c4d6db73a31d6} of Parigi Property Management, Ltd. and Parigi Investments, Inc.  Both Lisa and Sam are native to Beaumont and work hard to keep Beaumont a great place to live.